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I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the New York Metro area having spent two decades performing, composing, arranging, conducting, and teaching music.  My music is contemporary yet draws on a range of musical influences from classical and minimalist genres and transports listeners to a place of discovery and contemplative beauty.  

I also compose music for film, dance, and performing ensembles.  Email me at if you'd like to work together or have me compose music for you or your performing ensemble.


I am currently in my studio writing and expect to release

a new album soon.  Stay tuned!


When not making music, I enjoy running, hiking, and spending time by the ocean.

So look around and check out my work.  If you like it, please subscribe to my mailing list for more information on upcoming events and concerts. 


Contact me directly at for information regarding booking and commissioning works.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy!


About me

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