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Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Published Writing

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2018 “Does school band kill creativity? Embracing New Traditions in School  Instrumental Music.”                Music Educators Journal, 105(1), 51-56. 

2018 “Improvising to learn.” Research Studies in Music Education, 40(1), 117-135. 

2016 “Conceptualizations of improvisation with young instrumentalists: A literature  review.” Visions              of Research in Music Education, 27. Available at 

2011 “Helping students learn to improvise: Are we providing exercises or  experiences?” TEMPO,                The Official Magazine of the New Jersey Music  Educators Association, 65(2), 74-75. 


2011 “Beginning improvisation with young band students.” TEMPO, The Official  Magazine of the                New Jersey Music Educators Association, 65(3), 48-49.  

Book Chapters

2015 Wall, M.P., & Wall, J.K. “Improvising to learn: A democratic framework  for music education.” In           L.C. DeLorenzo (Ed.), Giving voice to democracy in  music education: Diversity and social                 justice (pp. 123-137). New York:  Routledge.

In Preparation

Wall, J.K., & Wall, M.P. “New perspectives on democratic education for the 21st century classroom.” Submitting to Journal of Pedagogic Development. 

“Creative spaces in arts classrooms.” Submitting to Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education 

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