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This legitimately sounds like magic. Very uplifting and hopeful, but also has such a great fantastical quality that's really hard to capture. Beautiful. -D. Manring


Accomplished, tender...haunting in places...I can appreciate the work and musicianship on show. Great strings. I want to break up with all my ex girlfriends again to In Dreams We Fly as we turn into an anime.  - Limnetic V

Excellent compositions, masterfully preformed. Just simply stunning! can't wait to hear what else Michael produces. The future of classical music is safe with hands like these!   -L. Daish

The world is a better place with your music in it.  -M. Andriotis

...beautiful!  I couldn't find one that didn't move me! -B. Lui

Dr. Michael Wall is a vastly talented musician and composer whose music is uniquely elegant and refined. He is professional, witty, and incredibly entertaining!  -P. Terranova

Incredible musician with an emotional depth and resonance to his art that not many have.  -M. Gu


Michael's compositions are gorgeous.  (I've got) tears in my eyes. - E. Cuenca


...a phenomenal composer and musician!  -K. Aliano


I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the New York Metro area; I compose my own concert music as well as music for concerts, dance, tv, and film.  Having spent two decades performing, composing, arranging, conducting, and teaching music, my debut album, Coming Home, represents a shift in direction, tapping into my core of musical experience. My music is contemporary yet draws on a range of musical influences from classical and minimalist genres.  These pieces for piano and strings range from mellow and meditative to rich and multidimensional and transport listeners to a place of discovery and contemplative beauty.