The world is a better place with your music in it. 

-M. Andriotis

...beautiful!  I couldn't find one that didn't move me! -B. Lui


Michael's compositions are gorgeous.  (I've got) tears in my eyes. - E. Cuenca


...a phenomenal composer and musician!  -K. Aliano


I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the New York Metro area.  Having spent two decades performing, composing, arranging, conducting, and teaching music, my newest venture, Coming Home, represents a shift in direction, tapping into my core of musical experience. My music is contemporary yet draws on a range of musical influences from classical and minimalist genres.  These new pieces for piano and strings range from mellow and meditative to rich and multidimensional and transport listeners to a place of discovery and contemplative beauty.  


Sample Tracks


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